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Nawlins Praline Candy

Parish Pound

Parish Pound

Indulge in a slice of pure Southern charm with our Parish Pound. This delectable creation is a fusion of rich, buttery poundcake infused with the warm, nutty embrace of pecan pralines.

Each moist and tender bite carries the essence of Southern hospitality, where every ingredient is carefully blended to perfection. The sweet notes of praline and the buttery goodness of poundcake come together in a symphony of flavors that evoke memories of lazy afternoons on a porch swing.


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All of our items are made with the freshest ingredients.

Please do not place candies in an area that exceeds 75 degrees.

Product Shelf Life
Pralines 14 Days
Tortues 8 weeks

Bayou Brownies /

Parish Pound

10 Days, 6 weeks if frozen
Marshmallow Rocky Road 6 weeks
Pecan Bark 8 weeks
Almond Bark 8 weeks
Pies 14 Days














** Products may contain milk, eggs, nuts ( Pecans, Almonds), peanuts.




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